There are many reasons why the breasts lose their previously beautiful and shapely youthful appearance. Aging has a lot to do with the way skin looks in general as we neglect the proper skin care recommendations and the collagen and elastin proteins in the skin, alongside aging muscles and ligaments that succumb to the constant pull of gravity. Pregnancy and weight gain are one of the biggest culprits as the female body changes to accommodate and feed another living human being.

When our clients come in for their breast augmentation consultation at Beautiful Breasts, they’re often confused by the separation of breast augmentation and breast lift procedures. Most people think these two surgical procedures are one and the same, but they are very different. To make sure that our female clients understand the difference between a lift and augmentation, we should look at the specific needs of every client so that they know what to expect.

What is the breast augmentation procedure?

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic surgical procedure that is performed to help reshape, resize and add lost volume to the breasts that have undergone drastic changes due to genetics, menopause, pregnancy and weight fluctuations. When we approach the idea of breast augmentation to our clients at Beautiful Breasts, we tell them that to change the way the breasts look and feel we must reshape them and give them a boost of volume.

Augmentation Changes: Shape, Size, Volume

Reshaping the breasts during the breast augmentation is done by removing excess skin in the breasts and changing the width of the nipple-areola complex that can darken and widen over time. When there is a significant weight change, or multiple pregnancies have affected the body, extra skin generates to allow more space for added tissue as the breasts swell with milk or with excess fat. These changes are natural, but the aftermath can leave women feeling less confident. To help enhance the size of the breasts, we can offer fat transfer to improve the distribution of volume, from the clients very own fat cells extracted through liposuction.

Augmentation with Implants

Fat grafting is a substitute for the next option in the augmentation plan which is the implant. These breast implants come in a saline solution or a silicone gel, and depending on your preference they are both great options with a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from. We invite you to try them on for size during your consultation with us! While implants increase the size or add contouring to the breast, they not lift the breast from its position. This is the essential point when augmentation and breast lift are distinguished. If you want to change the position of the breasts from a lowered position to a higher level, a lift must be combined with the augmentation.

What is a breast lift?

Now that you know a breast augmentation, even with implants, is not a breast lift, we should explain what the breast lift will do. Within the breast, there are virtually no muscles but there are masses of tissues, ligaments and milk ducts throughout. A breast lift will help to raise the breasts from their lowered, aging position to a higher pre-baby or post weight loss level. Breast lift takes any extra skin and tissues that weigh down the breast or has shifted because of degeneration of the ligaments that tether the breasts to the chest wall and tightens or removes them. Only in the chest wall are there muscles that extend tiny ligaments to the mammary glands surrounded by tissues.

A breast lift will work with these tissues and ligaments to help raise the breasts, causing the pointed downward position of the nipples to point forward once they have been reshaped. Excess skin is removed, and the breasts are repositioned higher with a variety of techniques, depending on the severity of the sagging in the skin.

At Beautiful Breasts, we understand that women want youthful, natural looking breasts that are full and beautiful, which is why we often recommend the two augmentation and lift procedures simultaneously. During your complimentary consultation, your plastic surgeon will walk through the steps of the procedure, what to expect, results and recovery with you. Call Beautiful Breasts to schedule your consultation for breast implants in Newport Beach today at 949-999-8670.

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