As easy as it is to picture, gummy bear implants are not made up of colorful, sweet candy. Rather, they are a newer form of breast implants that have somewhat recently made their way into surgical centers in the United States. The FDA-approved them in 2012 and deemed them just as safe as silicone gel and saline implants, but because they are a newer addition to the field of breast augmentation, many women have questions about their look and feel as well as whether the implants are right for them.

At Beautiful Breasts of Orange County, we always believe in choosing the implant that’s best for the contours of your body, whether that be a saline, silicone or gummy bear version. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with us so that we can map out all of your treatment options and help you determine the implant that’s right for you, but in the meantime, we’ll take the time to satisfy your curiosity about the gummy bear implant.

If it’s not sweet and chewy, then what is it?

The implants gained their notoriety because of their high stability and cohesion. When cut in half, the silicone gel in gummy bear implants remained intact instead of spreading outside of the implant wall. The strength of the silicone molecules is important when it comes to the potential for an implant to rupture. Traditional silicone gel implants are more cohesive than saline implants, which means that the silicone molecules stick together and are less likely to leak if broken. Gummy bear implants have even more cohesion, making it so that the silicone gel will hardly budge if the implant is punctured.

Gummy bear implants also have a shape to them, rather than a round implant. They are tapered toward the top and fuller at the bottom of the breast, and the insertion of these implants requires a larger incision. Overall, these implants are thought to be firmer and more durable than traditional implants.

When are gummy bear implants the right choice?

Ultimately, the implants you choose are a matter of your cosmetic goals, which could include the shape of the implant, the size of the incision, their consistency once they are placed, and the amount of risk involved. Receiving implants also comes down to finding a surgeon who has the proper experience and certifications. Regardless of the implant chosen, any augmentation procedure can turn out poorly if performed by a surgeon who lacks the right credentials. Beautiful Breasts surgeon, Dr. Burr von Maur suggests doing your research before coming in for a consultation and then discussing your options with him along with any questions you may have.

All this aside, however, gummy bear implants have been shown to be a good solution for women who are looking to correct or redo an initial breast augmentation procedure. After implants are placed, the skin can become stretched and thin, making secondary implants more likely to ripple and appear unnatural. Since gummy bear implants are firmer, any rippling is reduced and the natural feeling of a silicone implant is maintained.

Overall, gummy bear implants are an effective way to augment the breasts, and depending on your specific needs, they may be the right option for you. To learn more about the implant choices available to you, contact Beautiful Breasts of Orange County at 949-999-8670 and schedule a consultation.

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