How long is my recovery time for breast augmentation?

You should not be engaging in any strenuous or physical activity (including intercourse) beyond slow paced walking around your house for the first 7 days following your surgery. After this time, and after it has been approved by your surgeon, you may begin to return to light daily tasks. Avoid any exercise, lifting over 10 pounds and intercourse for one month after your surgery.

Should I wear a bra following my procedure?

Yes, your surgeon will place a surgical bra on you immediately following surgery, which you will be expected to wear for the first month, depending on how recovery progresses. After that time, you should wear a front closure sports bra for the next 2-3 months and avoid bras with an underwire to allow the scars to fully heal and avoid irritation to your breasts, again depending on the recommendation of your surgeon.

How long until my scarring begins to fade?

Your scarring will begin to fade after about one month following surgery. However, the scar will continue to fade over the next year or so, until it is almost completely invisible. Our scar care treatment options also ensure healthy healing of your scars.

Moreover your surgery will be performed by an expert specialist plastic surgeon not by a “cosmetic surgeon”, GP surgeon or trainee plastic surgeon. This means the highest standards of surgical care at highly competitive prices.

How long should I have someone helping me following my breast augmentation?

We recommend you prepare for your worst-case scenario and set yourself up for the most comfortable recovery possible to make the process easy and safe. Typically, the first 2-4 days following surgery are the most uncomfortable for patients, so recruit friends and family to help you out during this time. You won’t regret it!

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