You will hardly ever hear of a woman who has breasts that are perfectly symmetrical; almost every woman has one breast that is slightly larger or smaller than the other. Usually, the condition is not a cause for medical concern since it can be easily covered up. However, some women find themselves adjusting their lifestyle around breasts that vary significantly in size. If you are adding padding to one bra cup or choosing certain clothes based on how they mask your boobs, then it may be time to consider a surgical solution at Beautiful Breasts that can add some symmetry, improve your comfort level and enhance your personal aesthetic.

Surgery for breast asymmetry isn’t just about augmenting the breasts, it’s about choosing the procedure that’s going to provide the most natural result. The Board Certified surgeons at Beautiful Breasts of Orange County can recommend the procedure that’s going to give you the most symmetry and that stays within your body’s natural proportions. You have a few options when it comes to the surgery you receive, and a consultation as well as an examination of your breasts will help you determine the right option for your needs.


Causes of Breast Asymmetry

Doctors aren’t exactly aware of why breast asymmetry occurs more severely in some women more than others. Some believe certain hormonal changes during the stages of puberty can lead to uneven breasts along with certain traumatic injuries. Other factors include skeletal deformities and hereditary conditions that lead to an unbalanced chest wall. Although slight asymmetry is common, severe asymmetry in the breasts can create self-esteem issues, especially when it affects a woman’s ability to buy clothing, find the right bra size or fit into a swimsuit. When your body has begun to interfere with how you carry out your life, consulting with a medical professional is the next best option.


Choosing the Best Procedure

Many people assume that breast asymmetry is easily fixed with an implant, but that is not always the case. Implants are effective in some scenarios, but usually breast asymmetry requires the use of other procedures in order to produce results that look natural and that don’t put your health at risk. Depending on the size of your natural breasts, your surgeon may recommend a breast reduction or a breast lift as the best way to even out your breasts. Although you may desire to enlarge the smaller breast, increasing your breast size may do more harm than good, and the overall shape of your new breasts is more important than their size. The goal is to create breasts that look similar to one another, which could include adding or reducing volume to a breast or repositioning the nipple and areola.

Making your breasts more symmetrical will also likely involve procedures to both breasts so that they look as similar as possible. For instance, it would be inefficient to only place an implant in the one breast that is smaller, as the results would not look natural. Your surgeon will often place implants in both breasts to create the best aesthetic appeal and lessen the chance of complications in the future. Since saline implants are filled after they are placed underneath the breast tissue, it is rather simple to put in implants and fill them to a different size to create a more even appearance. You should be prepared to have surgery done on both breasts to create better symmetry.


Procedures used for breast asymmetry:

Breast augmentation: Placing an implant in one or both breasts to form two symmetrical breasts.

Breast reduction: Removing breast tissue from the larger of the two breasts using either excision or liposuction to establish an even appearance.

Breast lift: Raising one or both breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning the areola to create breasts in line with one another.

Nipple repositioning: Excising the nipple and placing it in a lower or higher position to help the breasts look more symmetrical.

You may receive one or a combination of procedures that aim to correct your breasts. The procedures that are chosen will depend on the specific adjustments that need to be made, which can be determined during a consultation with a surgeon at Beautiful Breasts.


Your Consultation

When you come in for an initial consultation, Dr. Burr von Maur will ask you a number of questions about your reasons for seeking surgery as well as your medical and surgical history. Together, you will decide which procedure or combination of procedures will enhance your breasts with the most optimal results. Typically, measurements of your breasts are taken and your breast shape and size are examined so that your surgeon can design a plan that will help your breasts become as similar as possible. Your consultation is also a time for you to ask any questions you may have regarding the procedure and learn more about the risks, recovery, timeline and costs of the procedures you are having performed. The specific amount of recovery time you will need is dependent upon the particular surgeries you undergo, but you can expect at least six to eight weeks of recovery time before returning to your daily routine.

When your breasts are affecting the way you feel about your personal appearance, it’s time to find a solution. Surgery that corrects breast asymmetry is the most effective way to improve your body contour and feel confident about the way you look. To learn more about the surgical procedures available for breast asymmetry, call Beautiful Breasts of Orange County and schedule a consultation with Dr. Burr von Maur.

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