Breast Augmentation in Orange County

No more push-up bra woes for our Beautiful Breasts of Orange County patients! Breast Augmentation is a plastic surgery procedure that uses implants to increase the size of breasts, giving you an hourglass figure to be proud of. Finding the best breast augmentation in Orange County has just become a lot simpler with the Beautiful Breasts family.

No breast augmentation is the same: you will have the chance to choose your implant material based on your goals for surgical results and choose the size you want your new breasts to be. You and your surgeon will come up with a plan that is best for your body and viola! You will be one of our many happy women with the most Beautiful Breasts of Orange County.

How to Choose a Surgeon

Deciding which surgeon is right for your breast augmentation is a major decision, and one you should not take lightly! At Beautiful Breasts of Orange County, we give you the peace of mind knowing all of our surgeons are board-certified plastic surgeons, residency-trained and meticulous in their art. Certification, education and experience help us to ensure you will leave with the best results.

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One Price Fits All

Have you heard about our flat-rate Orange County breast augmentation pricing? When you choose Beautiful Breasts, you can rest easy knowing all of your surgery expenses will be covered by only $5,900, with no hidden fees. Size and material do not matter to us: you should not have to pay extra because you want something different than another patient. Plus, we offer 0% interest financing with qualification if you would like to make payments as low as $140 per month! Customized breast augmentations at a flat rate…what could be better?

Perks for your Perk

When you choose us for your breast augmentation, you will have the chance to enroll in our rewards program. This gives you the opportunity to earn points on your procedures and products that can go towards gift certificates or one of our many med spa procedures.

Learn more about your available benefits here.

Find out More

Your surgery and its details should not be a secret! Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our brilliant surgeons today and learn all about what goes into breast augmentation and how it will be unique to you!

Your appointment will give you a chance to meet your surgeon, learn about the details of your surgery, discuss sizes and ask any questions you might have. You will be able to weigh the pros and cons of implant materials with your surgeon and decide what is best for your body.

We believe in full transparency and hope we can give you the peace of mind you need when making this decision. A consultation is not a surgery appointment; rather, it’s a chance for you to judge your comfort level, gather all of the information you need and build trust with our amazing team. There is no reason to wait to become your most beautiful, confident self, and we would love to help, so call us today!


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