At Beautiful Breasts, all of our breast augmentations run at a flat rate of $5,900. This does not change depending on your size or materials selected, and there are NO hidden fees!

This rate is nearly half of competing prices. Most breast augmentations run around $10,000, but our firm pricing includes care and surgery by a board certified plastic surgeon, anesthesia for your procedure, cost of utilizing the surgery center and your breast implants. You can be confident in choosing a procedure with no hidden fees, no gimmicks and no catch!

What does this rate get you? Your surgery costs will cover the following:

  • Care & surgery from a board-certified plastic surgeon
  • Anesthesia
  • Surgery center fees
  • Implant materials

We want you to be able to have the body of your dreams, a safe and successful surgery, STUNNING results – and all at a price that is affordable. Our rate seems to be on the pricey side of the average in the area, but we include all surgical fees in this flat pricing; no upsells, no gimmicks, no catch.

We can assure you that our rate is a true reflection of the quality of our surgeries. Our competitors often include varying fees for your implant materials, the years of experience of your surgeon, consultation fees, additional cost for larger size, etc. We do not think you should have to pay more or less depending on your preferences; we want each of our patients to receive the same treatment at the same price, and we offer the highest quality breast augmentation in Southern California. Trust a board-certified plastic surgeon for your procedure and get the highest quality care, rather than paying a lower rate for the risk of a less-qualified surgeon. It’s that simple!

We know that $5900 is a large investment and a major purchase for anyone, no matter your yearly income. This is why we offer 0% interest financing for our qualified patients so that you can have your surgery without worrying about bouncing a rent check or avoiding groceries for the next month. You can have the luxury of scheduling payments with us at an agreed pace that is easy for you!

We are more than willing to discuss cost and financing with you further. Please feel free to give us a call to learn more about your breast augmentation.


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